We are empowering creators and coders to enter the global creative economy by supporting them in telling their own stories.

Creative Mining refers to the generation of value that comes from the creation and sharing of content that is monetized via our VNM token, block chanin and Snake Nation app. Using this method we are also able to track the “long tail” performance of user content over time.

For engagements on the platform, all members of Snake Nation benefit from the VNM Token’s transparency and ease of value creation. The exchange of that value is powered by the Stellar Network  and its smart contract integration. Consumer Brands and advertisers can host or sponsor feature content competitions where grand prizes are released in the native VNM or create advertisements on the platform. The details of how VNM functions and its utility as a form of rewards payment within the Snake Nation Platform will be summarized throughout the whitepaper.
Snake Nation’s unique approach is multifaceted. through college societies, social studios and digital platforms to drive creators and audience into curated member channels, where the top performing content and members are able to be featured on SnakeNation.co as well as distributed out to media and technology partners.