Karl Carter, Snake Nation CEO/Founders 5 year Vision
State of the Snake Nation address, 2025

Today, Snake Nation is a Black Unicorn, on track to being a trillion-dollar company. Snake Nation serves over 20% of the $3 Trillion global creative economy and continues to grow exponentially. Our content minutes are in the billions, and the Venom Token (VNM) has become the global creative economy preferred token allowing for millions of M2 to create value for their work peer to peer as well as open a world of e-commerce to them.  We've gone beyond the token and our digital platforms and have a global community of developers and creators who are dedicated to making change happen in their communities.  We dedicate time and funds to empower our community to create their own social impact on a global scale.

We now have two major Black Unicorns Campuses, in Cape Town and Atlanta, where creativity and technology live, work, and play together. We are working with the most amazing young founders and creators of color to cultivate the next generation of billion dollar companies. New properties in Lagos, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Colombo, Johannesburg, and LA are in various stages of development. Because of Snake Nation, creative M2 all over the world have economic security. Snake Nation intimately understands and is built to serve this segment of the global market.

We have created a highly entrepreneurial incubator culture, and, as a result, Snake Nation is a community that is constantly reinvesting in and building on itself. Like the Snake Nation logo, the Ouroboros, the Snake eating its tail, we epitomize self-sufficiency, constant reinvention, and growth from within.   We are working with key stakeholders, leading brands, governments, NGOs, banks and technology companies to help shift the share of GDP coming from the creative economy to help address youth unemployment and poverty. We are aligned in our desire to create massive impact and employment opportunities for young entrepreneurs, technologists and creators. Through this wave of creation diverse creators can take control of their narrative and tap into opportunity for themselves.

Karl H. Carter
CEO Snake Nation