Snake Nation builds tech tools, content and community to empower Creative Rebels to own their narrative and earn a living on a global scale. Our approach is a disruptive and diverse model creating opportunities for young creators. We begin our approach with grassroots outreach, either through campuses, social studios/creative communities or online platforms to help drive awareness of Snake Nation as an onramp into the creative economy for young diverse creators.  

These diverse creators' content generates value peer to peer via VNM  as well as we help lift brave new voices up to be licensed out to SN platforms, media, OTT and Mobile networks, or work on creative campaigns. This helps us ensure that creative talent is connecting with opportunities and stakeholders are connecting with the most impactful and creative new talent.

Proven Model

Through the development of youth campaigns for an NGO, past initiatives have enabled us to train hundreds of young people from West Africa in Film Production, Graphic Design, Tech Development and Journalism.  They have not only moved on to continue the program through community outreach and content production but have created new forms of income to help their families and themselves.