Snake Nation Platform incentivizes platform activity and flow by rewarding members with VNM and allowing the utilization of VNM for platform actions. The value of VNM is tied to the value of shared content and value throughout the Snake Nation Platform community. Members can use their VNM to generate interest in their content from an early stage. This platform will use the Internet of Value with an expert understanding of the M2 markets needs and limitations.

The elements of the Snake Nation Platform activity and rewards are as follows:

  • Individual content rewards for content creators are based on total daily platform activity numbers.
  • Platform activity includes likes, comments and shares.
  • Content creators receive a total reward proportional to the content activity within its specific category.
    The Snake Nation Platform accounts for differences between the audience, curators, and content creators in the distribution of rewards member benefits.The audience, creator and curator/promoter are described as follows:

Users (Tier 0, Lurker) that are consuming content only, activity of Audience liking, sharing, and commenting on content generates rewards. Users that create content and upload it to the Snake Creator
Nation Platform for consumption and engagement by the Audience.
Rewards go to content creators, curators, and the audience that are on reward generating tiers. Lurker, Runner and Shogun. Amounts are shared at different schemas depending on were the content was consumed; On-Channel, on the content creators channel, or Off-Channel - on a curators channel