Snake Nation has a global reach, we tap into a world wide creative network consisting of Multicultural Millennials (M2)  in Africa and the cultural diaspora.  We have partnered with AASU and Liquid Intelligent Technologies to help facilitate this global vision.

Our partnership with the All African Student Union (AASU) is to establish Snake Nation societies on campuses throughout Africa and the United Arab Emirates. This consists of 54 countries, 2800 universities and over 8 million students.

Our partnership with Liquid Intelligent Technologies will bring together Snake Nations technology, content and diaspora reach into the creative community and the multi-platform tech and fibre infrastructure, backing and studios of Liquid Intelligent Technologies.

All Snake Nation members will utilize the Platform to access opportunities to benefit from the Creative Economy. Through our platform, VNM token and digital wallet we are creating financial inclusion and easing payment friction for the M2 banked or unbanked.

With our community reach, tech product, engaging content, and great partners, Snake Nation will be a Market leader in creating new paths to diversity and sustainability within the global creative economy and creating new ways of engaging with the M2 generation.

Currently, of the 2 billion Millennials, 1.6 Billion Millennials are multicultural, giving our diverse content and community access to billions of potential producers and consumers.