The Snake Nation platform incorporates elements of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies to build transparency, security, and incentives for its members. This platform is open to creatives and content producers to provide lucrative value creation options and rights tracking for posted content.

It utilizes a native digital asset, VNM, for platform rewards and incentivises community members to consume, engage and contribute creative content. Below we describe the VNM attributes, distribution and software system, and community token holder participation.

Below are the basic elements of the Snake Nation Platform and community:

  • Architecture
  • Five main components
  • Community and members
  • Venom token

Snake Nation platform enables creatives to distribute, promote and create value for their creative content. By employing a partnership approach where brands, banks, governments, media, and technology companies can engage directly with the platform community and target audiences, the multi-trillion dollar’s, in the most authentic way. Leveraging the Stellar network, the Snake Nation Platform will empower the creative ecosystem by providing tools to manage content, execute value exchange, and reduce value leakage.

The Snake Nation platform is positioned to help facilitate the connection between brands and consumers, as brands are on the ongoing journey of greater authenticity and connection with their audience. Members of the M2 generation are early adopters of technology and major brands are  recognizing and subsequently tailoring content and entertainment to reach this target audience.

Snake Nation platform incorporates a very disruptive and diverse model to reach the target audience through highly adaptive technology, business incentives, experiential marketing, content, products, services, and social media. Brands are always looking for influencers and are staying in tune with emerging talents and trends. Snake Nation platform offers direct access to a diverse community of content creators and consumers.

Brands and advertisers can get exposure within Snake Nation platform via sponsoring the reward for the weekly feature competition and issuing custom challenges. Also, brands partners have the option to pay channel owners with VNM for advertisement on the member-specific channel. This creates multiple direct payment routes from brands to creatives all powered by VNM and Stellar Network.

Snake Nation platform revenue streams come from several sources, revenue sharing from content licensing, exclusive content subscriptions, commerce and brand partnerships.

Snake Nation licenses out its member content and shares revenue with the members, creates exclusive original content available via subscription, receives a transaction fee from the sale of merchandise and content engagements within the platform. The transaction fee is 5% for in-platform sales. Additionally, Snake Nation receives revenue from brand advertisements and partnerships with the platform. The fee structure is based on placement within the platform and sponsorship type for feature competition.