Snake Nation is a mission-driven culture, content, and technology company, HQ in Atlanta, GA and Cape Town, South Africa. We are empowering young Multicultural Millennial (M2) creators and coders to enter the global creative Economy on their own terms and build sustainable careers. We encompass an online platform, College Societies and Social Studios dedicated to Creative Rebels in film, music, art, fashion, dance, and tech. We are building a platform that helps M2 creators, build an audience, distribute their product and drive value for their work in the global creative economy. Snake Nations spends at least 50% of our gross profits with millennial creators and technology developers of color.

Snake Nation’s community members are a healthy mix of passionate creative entrepreneurs, established pros, and talented young upstarts. With the assistance of the Snake Nation executive team, creators are equipped with the skills necessary to craft and create value for their work. Snake Nation has brought great ventures, content, and products to market in a way that is progressive and sustainable. Snake Nation is currently profitable, with an eye on growth, sustainability and diversifying revenue stream, to increase revenue from its content and platform activities.

Our team has helped launch TV networks, produced content on major channels, and worked with global brands such as Red Bull, Smirnoff,, Sprite, and Diageo. Our knowledge of the creative economy comes directly from over 20 years of entrepreneurial experiences in creative culture and content.

Our knowledge of the creative economy comes directly from over 20 +  years of entrepreneurial experiences in creative culture, content and technology. We are an award winning team of creators and technologists and span multiple countries; USA, South Africa, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Netherlands and Ghana.