Snake Nations digital wallet facilitates the flow of VNM for in-app purchases, engagements and activities by members. When VNM Platform members set up a digital wallet account, they provide information on their identification, age, background, geography and all other information necessary to adhere to appropriate know your client and anti-money laundering rules (KYC/AML)Following a sign-up period, members are provided with an account linked to a digital address comprising both a public and private key (VNM Holder Account). The members are the only owners of their private key and are responsible for their VNM wallet.

VNM digital wallet has a combination of the Snake Nation API and smart contracts on the blockchain enable the tracking ability and value creation in perpetuity of posted content. Some of our wallet features include:

  • Send and receive VNM on Snake Nation Platform.
  • Manage balances and trade VNM for fiat
  • Integrated KYC provides banking services to previous marginalized creatives
  • Manage NFTs issued from content living on the platform